2021 Rugby World Cup Live Tv

The 2021 Rugby World Cup is scheduled to be the ninth Rugby World Cup for women, to be held in New Zealand between 18 September and 16 October 2021 in the cities of Auckland and Whang─ürei. This will be the first women’s Rugby World Cup to be held in the southern hemisphere. The eighth World Cup was played in 2017 in Dublin and Belfast, setting record attendances and viewership numbers

In May 2018, it was announced that the format of the World Cup would be changing for the 2021 World Cup with classification matches being replaced with quarter finals.[3][4] On 21 August 2019, World Rugby announced that gender designations would be removed from the title of the women’s World Cup. All World Cup tournaments from 2021 forward, whether for men or women, will be officially called the “Rugby World Cup” with a year designation

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